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Direct From the Source

Grown & Packaged in the USA

We started raising goats 4 years ago.

I just learned how to milk them...

...and they just learned how to let me.

Goats are funny. If you don't have one already, they will teach you how to have a sense of humor. They will constantly surprise you and there is no sense in being upset, because, well, it's a goat.

Separate the nannies and billies and you will still get pregnant nannies. Escape artists extraordinaire, yet they never go very far. Some seasons all you get are bucks.

(no one ever tells you these things).

I have one nanny, a fabulous milker, who loves to be chased. She will stand calmly in the stall and eat to her content while being milked, she just loves to be chased into doing it, it's a total game for her. No one tells you these things. You'll wake up to coyotes howling and run out into the pasture in slippers, in the wet, with a flashlight, to check on your babies, you'll pull more horns out of fencing then they have sense, you'll likely bury a baby that didn't make it, or two, but you'll love every minute of it of caring for these little guys.

No one tells you these things.